Preacher Don Adkins is a native of West Virginia.  He graduated from Logan High School in 1969 and immediately joined the navy where he spent the next twenty-three years.  He married Brenda, his high school sweetheart in 1970 and they have been together ever since.  They have two children, Chad and Stacy.  Chad is the youth and family minister at Central and Stacy is married to a preacher and they live in Whitehouse, Tennessee. Don and Brenda also have five grandchildren.  Don has a rich heritage in churches of Christ.  His father and grandfather were both song leaders in churches in southern West Virginia and Kentucky.
His great grandfather was a gospel preacher.  He and Brenda also have a rich heritage at Central.  Although Don grew up in Churches of Christ, he didn't obey the gospel until the summer of 1983 while stationed at Port Canaveral and attending Central.
After his retirement from the navy in 1992, Don finished his BS degree in Sociology from the University of the State of New York and decided to enter the ministry.  The whole family moved to the plains of West Texas where he and Brenda both attended and graduated from the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock in 1994.  At that time, Central was looking for a new preacher and Don and Brenda were ask to begin their new work in June of 1994.  He and Brenda have served the Central church continuously since then.

Senior Pastor
My name is Cecil Walker and I'm one of the Elders here at the Central Church.  I was initially raised as an "Army Brat" as I was born in Ft. Polk, LA, lived for 5 years in Grafenwoehr, Germany, and later spent a couple of years in Ft. Stewart, Georgia.  I came to Florida as a result of my Dad being posted overseas while my Mother and I came to Merritt Island to live with my Grandparents.  I've lived in Central Brevard County now going on 40 years.  I graduated from Cocoa High School and the University of Central Florida. It was at UCF that I met my wife Barbara who like me, is also a teacher.  We've been married for 27 years and have one son, Steven who is attending College.
I was brought up in a local Baptist Church while Barb was brought up in the Catholic Church.  Soon after we were married we began to attend a local Church of Christ.  Our interest was more out of location and friendliness of the people than a search of any "doctrinal purity."  As we began to serve the church I became more interested in Bible Study.  Attending functions such as the Pepperdine Bible Lectures began to put me in touch with the wonderful legacy of the American Restoration Movement and it's claim to unity through the Bible, not uniformity.  In my quest for Biblical understanding and allowing it to be a conduit for transforming my life, I am convinced of two things:
      1. The Bible is the infallible word of God.
      2. I do not have infallibility in my understanding of His Word.
Be that as it may, I believe all of us are on a journey and I invite you to join us here at Central.

Hi, my name is Curtis Peter and I grew up on our family farm in Northwest Kansas where agriculture and ranching were the driving influences in my early life.  My wife Jeannie, who also has an agriculture background, attended the same High School in Goodland, Kansas.  We were married after graduating and just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  Jeannie and I are blessed with two grown children Nathan Peter and Lindsey Lakins and their spouses, Crystal Peter and Jeremy Lakins.  We are also blessed with three wonderful grandchildren, Sammy and Sadie Lakins and Devin Peter.
Shortly after we were married I began studying the Word with Jeannie and I was baptized into Christ.  We began attending the church in Goodland, with a membership of 35 people.  With such a small group of Christians I was quickly volunteered into service.  It was during this time that my desire to return to school for formal Bible education began to grow and develop.  That desire led us to move to Lubbock, Texas and attend the Sunset School of Preaching two year program, and six month Mission Program.  Jeannie and I spent just under four years in Toluca, Mexico where, along with four other families we met at Sunset, we helped to plant a church which just celebrated it's 15th anniversary.
When I am not working at my job as District Sales Manager for a Coral Springs, Fl roofing adhesive company, I enjoy fishing, boating and waterskiing and spending time with our children and three wonderful grandchildren.  God, family and church are high priorities in my life and I am thankful He has blessed me with the opportunity to serve Him here at Central.

My name is Chad Adkins, my lovely wife's name is Tara and we have three beautiful daughters.  I am a graduate of the Adventures In Missions (A.I.M) program, as well as the Sunset School of preaching.   I have been in youth ministry since 1997 and have been the Youth and Family minister here at Central from 2003 until 2017.

I am currently the Involvement Minister here at Central, coordinating the interaction of our church family and the community through our annual events of "Community Counts", "Fall Festival", "National Day of Prayer" and Easter "Sunrise Service".  As well as, oversee the integration of church membership into personal involvement in the other areas of ministry activity within the church including "Small Group" participation.
Involvement Minister
My name is Mark Andrews. My wife's name is Janelle.

If you are looking for a fun place to be that will accept you for who you are, but challenge you to grow spiritually at the same time, then check us out.    We strive to lead godly lives in all that we do and challenge each other to be better men and women of God.

Our group likes to have a lot of fun and we stay very active with our monthly calendars.  Some of our activities and trips include:  Workcamp, Bible Camp, Sonquest, Monthly Devos, Boat days, Reteats, Service projects, and much more.

Youth Minister