Ministry Leader:  Chris Givens
The Praise & Worship Team exists to create and facilitate an atmosphere of celebrative congregational worship. The Praise team consists of various musicians and vocalists who set the tone and atmosphere of our worship.
Ministry Leader:  Mick Anderson
Ushering is a wonderful opportunity to minister to members and visitors by way of our attitude.  A smile and a gracious greeting is a very warm welcome to church and by giving everyone a heartfelt welcome, we help set the tone of the congregation.  Ushering is also a great way to get to know your church family through assisting and serving them on a regular basis.  The ministry’s purpose is also to assist the pastor and pastoral staff, to meet, greet and assist visitors and members.
Ministry Leader:  Gayle Anderson
The Guest Services Ministry is the information and service center of the church.  Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday at our church.  Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by welcoming, informing, and serving our guests.  Through our actions and interactions with our guests, we display the love of Jesus and introduce them to a church that visitors love to attend.
Ministry Leader:  Ken Denny
The Men’s Ministry exist to promote relationships and spiritual growth for men.  It is made up of men of all ages and backgrounds who meet for mutual encouragement and Bibles study.  They currently meet on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 until 8:00 PM in the fellowship room at the church building.  All men are invited to attend and participate.
Ministry Leader:  Terri Bowen
The Women’s Ministry exists to connect the ladies of our church.  Ladies special Bible classes, small groups, retreats and social events for women are all a part of Central’s “Women In the Word”.
Ministry Leader: 
Central’s Youth Ministry program exist to educate and engage the youth of our church.  Central has a full time Youth Pastor dedicated to maturing our young people.  Bible classes Community service projects and summer mission trips are all a part of Central’s Youth Ministry.
Ministry Leader:  Chris Givens
The Children’s Ministry exists to provide our kids with a quality Bible education and opportunities to serve others.  The ministry involves teachers, drama coaches, team leaders and special events volunteers to coordinate VBS, fall festivals, holiday events and special projects.
Ministry Leader:  
The Nursery Ministry seeks to care for God’s little ones as they grow.  We do that by reading books about their Creator, singing songs about their Savior, verbalizing thankfulness for their friends, affirming their Godly behavior, responding to their cries patiently, reading God’s word to them, praying for them.
Ministry Leader:  Carol Schoenmann
Jesus said pray.  The Prayer Ministry at Central exists to communicate the prayer needs and requests to the church family.  All prayer request by members are e-mailed, texted or phoned to the Ministry Leader who routinely sends out the prayer request via e-mail to engage the church family in prayer.
Ministry Leader:  Gayle Anderson & Jenny Rhoades
The Fellowship Ministry exists to connect the church and community together with various social activities. These include but are not limited to, meals at the building, spring picnics, parties and special holiday events. The Fellowship Ministry is responsible for all supplies and equipment to plan and execute related fellowship activities.
Ministry Leader:  
Small Group life is fundamental at Central.  We encourage every person to be involved in a small group.  Currently there are nine (9) small groups that meet around the Cocoa, Rockledge, Merritt Island area.  Small groups are the place where we get to know each other, share a bit of our lives and encourage each other in our Christian walk.
Ministry Leader:  Dan Hunt & Mark Lakin
Our Safe Church Ministry exist to insure we have adequate safety and security policies and procedures in place at Christ Central for our worshippers.  The ministry team consist of men and women who are willing to be trained and utilized as “Church Security”.
Ministry Leaders:  Don Adkins
Westminster Asbury is a low income independent living facility in Cocoa. Central conducts a worship service there each Sunday at 12:00 to 1:00 PM.  The worship includes a praise team for the music, prayers and preaching.  The purpose of this ministry is to communicate Jesus to the seniors of Asbury through preaching, teaching, worship and fellowship.
Ministry Leader:  
The Mission’s Ministry exists to oversee and coordinate Central’s mission program.  Central has been involved in numerous foreign missions over the years.  We currently support Jorge Perez and his family in Venezuela.  We have been involved in that work for more than 20 years.
 Ministry Leader:  Carl Russell
The Media Ministry exists to help facilitate the Sunday morning worship experience.  Audio and Video are a vital part of Sunday morning assemblies and the Media Ministry insures quality sound, lighting and video not only for the Praise Team and speakers but for broadcast via the internet.
Ministry Leader:  Carl Russell
The WEB Ministry is an important tool in today’s church.  The purpose of the WEB Ministry is to build and maintain our web site for advertising and communicating various activities and events for the church.  These include live streaming, digital storage of sermons, updating web pages and procuring and utilizing state of the art software and hardware.
Ministry Leader:  Kent Burnett
The Facilities Ministry is responsible for repairs, maintenance, landscaping, and operation of the the church’s facilities. The purpose of this ministry is to maintain our facilities and grounds for the enjoyment and comfort of our members and visitors.  Our building and grounds are the first impression our guests have of us.
Ministry Leader: 
The Budget and Finance Ministry exist to serve the church through the stewardship of financial resources.  The ministry assists church and ministry leaders in establishing the annual budget and monitoring the church finances.