Venezuela - Jorge Perez
Dear brothers and sisters. My family and I are sending a warm greeting to all you. I would like to say that everything in my country is fine but the truth is everything is getting worse every day. The crime is increasing very fast, the government has not the capacity to stop the crime and many people are killing by deliquescent , during the weekend the crime increase , we have more people killed than the Iraq's war. A group of the Harding University came to Venezuela to help San Antonio Church ( 30 minutes from Caracas). They had a campaign for two weeks, my daughter Karen came with them to work in the campaign , one night after finish the conference a lady Rosa Virginia where Karen and one American girl called Kelly were stayed decided to stop on store to buy some food, there were four men in same place, those men start to follow the girls , when they are entering in the building where they are staying , they were stopped with those men and three of the came into the car and the other one stayed in their car, those men forced the girls to go with them in the girl´s car and the men put their guns in the head of the girls for three hours, they kidnapped the girls, here in Venezuela the criminal people take people to ask for money to their family, that is called express kidnap , They ask Karen who are I am, where I work, where we live and those questions they asked to all of them , they want to take one of them to another stated , my daughter was praying and also the lady, those men started to shout to Kelly she was crying, she cannot understand what they say to her, they kept the girls for three hours and they decided to release the girls in a dangerous place, they took the girl´s car and all the bags with the things of the girls, Kelly´s passport was taken by the men, thank God they did not do any physical damage to the girls. Karen is very affected with that situation, I have had to take her to doctors, she felt very bad, her health is no fine, we had to talk to the Harding university to stop her study, we are planning to send her back to Harding university in January in the next year, the doctors recommended it. My wife is affected, that hurt us very much but we trust in God. I beg you to pray for us , we are having hard time in this moment. Venezuela is not safe for people, the corruption is increase everyday and the price of everything is expensive. We are baptized five persons last month, I am sending pictures of them, I continue working in a city called San Juan De Los Morros, we have bible study every Tuesday and also there is another city close to Maracay called Cagua, we have Bible study every Monday We have many people in Church who have many emotional problems, I am helping them, I go to Los Teques Church ( two hours from Mararcay driving) to help members with this problem, I spent all day working with them that is Thursday . I would like to know if you receive this e-mail please let me know.
 God bless you
 We are God´s soldiers for this world
Jorge Perez